All of our produce is 100% organic, we use the highest quality of free range chicken and grass fed beef

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Quality meal, healthy living is what we believe in. At Julie’s Fresh Kitchen, we prep, cook and deliver, to your door, delicious restaurant quality meals using fresh, organic, ingredients.  Check out Julie’s Fresh Kitchen and start eating, feeling and living better.

Quality meal, healthy living is what we believe in. 

How It Works

We create healthy delicious meals weekly that caters to all diets and lifestyle.

You pick which plan you want and select your meals.

We deliver your fresh meals to your door, life is busy we make it simple for you!

Enjoy your Healthy fresh meal !

How Much Should I order?

Our individual meals arrive in a microwave safe container. Order as much or as little as you need for each week for lunch or dinner and just grab n go!  

Why Julie’s Fresh Kitchen meals?

Convenience, health and time. We help you get out of the fast food rut, improve your health and nutrition with each meal and get you out of the kitchen doing what you want to do.


We’re happy to accommodate substitutions & allergies. Nut free, dairy, free, GF, etc. Simply email us at to let us know and we’ll take it from there!